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Don Phillips, CSSPhillips EcoServices is an ecology-based, natural resource consulting company founded in 2002 to provide land investigation and permitting services for people in Maine at a reasonable cost. We specialize in providing:

Phillips EcoServices is a familiar and well-known name not only in the soil and wetland consulting communities of Maine, but also in the civil and environmental engineering communities. Donald Phillips, CSS, brings more than 20 years of professional involvement permitting land development projects throughout Maine. (For Don's resumé and more, see About Us.)

So why should you choose Phillips EcoServices for your environmental consulting needs?

The past 20 years have brought a complexity of frequently changing land-use regulations to the everyday lives of those of us who live and work in Maine. Increasingly, Maine residents and business owners need experienced natural resource professionals to assist them through regulatory requirements in as cost-effective a manner as possible while at the same time sustaining our land, our water, our wildlife — in short, giving due consideration to the environmental qualities that make the State of Maine unique and why we want to live here.

Gone are the days when a seat-of-the-pants investigation will lead to a permit. Nowadays, it is crucial to choose a well qualified and locally experienced environmental professional to conduct an investigation to (1) confidently identify and document what resources are present on your property, (2) communicate findings in a professional and thorough manner, Foggy Marshand if necessary (3) work closely with the applicant to prepare and then follow through with a compensation design that is harmoniously suited to both the project and the environment.

This is the essence of what we at Phillips EcoServices do. Every day.

But we go one step further. With few overhead costs, we are affordable. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at just how affordable.


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