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The State of Maine is world-renowned for its scenic attributes, which include miles of still-wild coastline and uncountable acres of natural areas tucked into all-but-hidden enclaves of land in each and every Maine town. Collectively, these gems are what give Maine an unmistakable appeal that few other states can claim. But don't take our word for this. According to the publication Charting Maine's Future (Brookings Institution, Washington D.C., 2006), "Maine possesses a globally known 'brand' built on images of livable communities, stunning scenery, and great recreational opportunities." Unfortunately, this brand is becoming threatened by suburbanization and sprawl.

Cardinal flower

Phillips EcoServices firmly believes in quality of place. And we wholeheartedly believe that land development can co-exist with the conservation of our treasured outdoor brand. We support responsible land planning and development in areas that can most favorably handle it, while conserving the more ecologically valuable tracts. As environmental stewards for the next generation, we understand that we are investing in the future. Accordingly, we assist clients by conducting land investigations to identify, right up front, the presence — or perhaps non-presence — of rare and/or threatened flora and fauna, and natural plant communities.

Whether our client is a regional land trust that must know beforehand if a potential multi-acre holding may or may not be a good fit relative to its Mission; or a local non-profit organization that wishes to document botanical and ecological attributes of a hiking trail for public education purposes; or a small land owner who simply wishes to conscientiously and responsibly build a retirement home without disrupting a small piece of heaven — we are there for you.

Our botanical and ecological services include:

Wildflowers of Maine


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