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Wetland Science Services

Simply said, we know wetland science.

Whether it's quickly assessing the approximate extent and configuration of wetlands on a property, or designing and implementing a complex wetland mitigation design to address specific goals for project permitting — or anything in between — Phillips EcoServices is comfortable providing whatever wetland services you need. That's because we understand the natural dynamics of wetlands — their soils, vegetation, and hydrology — that make them different from abutting non-wetland areas. We understand how the different components of a natural ecosystem relate to the whole. At the same time, we understand and appreciate the human aspect of needing to achieve economic growth without compromising the integrity of the environment, which is the purpose of obtaining federal, state and municipal permits in the first place.

We're proud of the successful track record that we've accumulated while representing both private- and public-sector clients since 2002. We believe that our success is rooted in a commitment and attention to detail — exercised not only during the fieldwork phase but also in the office. This focus has always set us apart.

upland vs. wetland

Our wetland services include:

  • General Freshwater & Coastal Wetland Consulting
  • Identification & Delineation (1987 ACOE Wetland Delineation Manual)
  • Permitting (Municipal SZO; Maine PBR, NRPA, & LURC; Federal PGP & Individual)
  • Functional Assessments (ACOE Highway Methodology; NH Comparative Evaluation of Non-Tidal Wetlands)
  • Mitigation (Restoration, Renovation, Preservation, Creation)
  • Stream Identification
  • Intertidal & Shallow Subtidal Coastal Assessments
  • Vernal Pool Identification

seasonally-saturated wetlandseasonally-flooded wetland


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