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Even though the soil is critical — essential! — as a medium for growing food and fiber, for groundwater recharge, and for ion exchange and nutrient transformations, as well as mechanical support for trees, slowing down stormwater after flood events, and as construction material, people tend to dismiss what they can't see nor fully understand.

The significance of our soil resources goes on and on. Society has only recently, however, begun to recognize and value our soil for its paramount importance. Yet, inexplicably, this recognition has not filtered down to the general population. People belittle and take for granted our soil resources by calling it "dirt!"

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Phillips EcoServices recognizes the value of our soil as it relates to (1) use and management in developmental projects; and (2) its importance as often the only one of the three wetland criteria tools that can be most reliably used while searching for a wetland boundary. Not recognizing subtle but critical soil properties while conducting fieldwork can, at worst, cause delays in the acquisition of a permit, if not the outright denial of same.

Phillips EcoServices is one of the few consulting firms in Maine qualified and licensed to map soils to standards developed by the USDA NRCS National Cooperative Soil Survey. We invite you to view a sample soil map and read more about the soil survey process.


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